Financial Assistance


Right now, Good Samaritan is unable to help with Rent or Utilities. Please call for a referral to another organization that may be able to help.

Good Samaritan Center has many different financial assistance programs. Included in these programs are rent, utility bills (gas, electric, water), and medicine/medical supplies.

These programs are designed to assist individuals and families who have had a “short-term” financial emergency that has caused them to need assistance. In situations where no other community assistance is available and as funding allows, Good Samaritan can assist with the amount needed to cover up to one month of rent or utility and a prescription. An individual or family can get assistance once in a twelve-month period.

Unusual Emergencies:

This program deals with any emergency that does not fall into a specified Good Samaritan program and/or which no known resources are available. Financial assistance will require a verifiable emergency. Other emergencies may demand advocacy for the client.

Examples are:

  • Guidance for someone who wants to apply for SSI or SS benefits,
  • Local transportation,
  • New water heater for a client on limited income,
  • Intake fee for a client entering treatment for drug or alcohol abuse,
  • Bus ticket for a woman headed to a battered women’s shelter,
  • Securing identification.

Ultimately, Good Samaritan tries to find solutions for families in crisis. If that means finding unique ways to solve problems that is what we do.

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