Representative Payeeship


In too many instances, The Good Samaritan Center has seen a Social Security (SS/SSI) recipient at the mercy of an unscrupulous representative payee. In these cases, the recipient is quite often neglected, harassed and abused. The Good Samaritan Center believes that every individual receiving a government check deserves the right to receive the full amount of that income without harassment and undue requests for a percentage of that income.

The Good Samaritan Center, in rare and specific cases, will become representative payee for recipients of monthly Social Security and Supplemental Social Security checks. Our purpose in this endeavor is to make sure that these recipients:

  • Receive the full amount of the money awarded to them.
  • Are guided in acquiring and maintaining a residence.
  • Are guided in paying all necessary household bills in a timely manner.
  • Are guided in budgeting the remaining balance of their monies, saving a small portion for necessities and the rest given out in manageable increments.
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