Meet Our Team


Kathy Clem, Executive Director

Kathy Clem, originally from Florida, has been with Good Sam since 1985, and was appointed Executive director in 1999. She has a business degree from Belhaven University. Kathy is married to her high school sweetheart, Sonja Battle (October 2016), who lives in Gainesville, Florida.

Karen Clem, Director of Operations

Karen Clem is originally from Gainesville, Florida, but now proudly calls Mississippi her home. A graduate of Belhaven University, she has been with Good Sam since 1993. She is one of five siblings from a close-knit family. She loves running, traveling, coffee, craft beer and wine.

Brooke Clem, Director of Admin.

Brooke Clem, a native of Clinton, MS, is married and has three children. In her spare time, Brooke loves to cook, watch reality television, and spend time with her family. Brooke has worked at Good Sam in many positions and capacities for over 20 years.

Beverly Odom, Laurel Manager

Beverly Odom has spent her whole life in Jones County, MS. Beverly has two sons and four grandchildren. Before Beverly started working for Good Sam in 2013, she worked at South Central Regional Medical Center for 14 years. When she can find some spare time, Beverly loves to read and sew!


Sandra Cupstid, NUTS Manager

Sandra is originally from Jacksonville, Florida but spent most of her youth on Mississippi’s coast, which she is proud to call home. She is extremely proud of her two daughters, Rian, who lives in Boston, and Paisley. Her coworkers love her laid back attitude and down-to-earth personality!

Andrea Nitchke, Closet Coordinator

As our Clothing Closet Coordinator, Andrea loves to help our clients get nice clothing for themselves and their families. Andrea was born in Germany and has lived in the US for the past 30 years. She loves traveling, spending time with her family, and running (she’s even run a few marathons!).

Jeannie Sims, Pantry Coordinator

Jeannie was born and raised in Scott County, Mississippi, where she attended Morton High School (Go Panthers!). She loves camping, kayaking, hiking, motorcycles, cars, wood burning, and building. Jeannie loves working at Good Sam because it’s fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Sarah Cross, NUTS Associate

Sarah is from Jackson. She loves finding vintage pieces to upcycle into something new, or combine with other pieces to make fabulous outfits! In her free time, she likes to read and do DIY crafts. This makes her a perfect fit for NUTS, where gets to exercise her creativity for a good cause!

Brittany Bolden, Receptionist

A native of Jackson, MS and a graduate of Jackson State, Brittany has worked in the retail and financial industries for the past 13 years. She started at Good Sam in 2021, and loves working for and giving back to the community. She is also a new mother to her son, Caleb, and likes to read and play chess.

Ashley Tillman, Receptionist

Ashley is our newest receptionist at Good Sam. She is an alumna of Lanier High School in Jackson. She loves being able to help folks out in the community, and she is planning to one day obtain her Registered Nursing license. She is also working on getting her cosmetology license.

Quincy Griffin, Org. Assistant

Quincy works in our food pantry, clothing closet, and thrift store. and helps both clients and customers have an amazing experience at Good Sam! Some fun facts about Quincy are: he is a Virgo, has two brothers and two sisters, and he also lives with his Grandma.

Brenda Griffin, Org. Assistant

Brenda works at both our thrift store and warehouse as an organizational assistant. She is also Quincy’s sister! Some fun facts about Brenda are: she’s a Libra, has a pacemaker, and absolutely hates the show Family Guy.

Sydney Mack, Org. Assistant

Sydney is an associate for both NUTS and the Warehouse. As an artist, she is great at making unique and interesting displays for the store. Some fun facts about Sydney are: she’s a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo, and she loves animals.

Betty Stewart, Org. Assistant

Although Betty is trained as both a warehouse and NUTS assistant, you’ll probably find her at NUTS! Customers and coworkers alike love Betty’s outgoing and friendly nature, and she loves being able to help people.


Rob Cross, Kitchen Assistant

Rob was born in Chicago, but his family moved to Laurel when he was eight. He volunteered at Laurel’s soup kitchen for over two years before being hired onto Good Sam’s staff. Rob loves being able to cook for people and serving others; making our clients smile is so rewarding.

Kenny Stallworth, Kitchen Assistant

Born and raised in Laurel, Kenny is now 48. His mother worked in a cafeteria when he was growing up and got his love of cooking, food prep, and service from her. Kenny also has a side hustle as a carpenter. Kenny first started out as a volunteer, but loved it so much he came on full-time!

Brenda Evans, Kitchen Assistant

Brenda has been married six years. She is retired from Laurel’s school district, where she worked in the cafeteria as a cook. Brenda is very active in her church, where she teaches youth Sunday school. She loves getting to help people one wonderful hot meal at a time.

Sereda Knotts, NUTS Manager

Originally from Bay St. Louis, Sereda has lived in Laurel for 8 years. She has worked for Good Sam and our NUTS store since 2018. She has two children, and six grandchildren. She loves fishing, traveling when she can and loves working for such a wonderful organization.

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