About the Good Samaritan Center

The Good Samaritan Center is a private, non-profit social service agency servicing families and individuals who are experiencing both acute and chronic crises. We are funded by churches, private contributions, charitable gaming, resale stores, charity races and in-house fundraising. The Center was started in 1972 under the direction and financial support of seven Jackson churches. Since that time, The Good Samaritan Center has grown to include a main office in Jackson and a branch in Laurel, Mississippi which hosts the only soup kitchen in Jones County.

The Good Samaritan Center’s mission is to assist families and individuals in emergency situations. We work closely with other organizations to form a “network of helping hands.” Our motto is “if we can’t help, we should know (or be able to find out) who can.” Our case management team also works hard to possess a very thorough knowledge of what emergency services and funds are available throughout our community.

Community Partners

Extra Table: Hattiesburg, MS 

The Volunteers of Gleaners in Jackson, MS

Society of St. Andrew’s in Mississippi

MS Food Network

Grace House Services

Stewpot Community Services

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