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I have so much gratitude and great thankfulness to you for your help with Christmas for our three boys, clothing for our family and meal for Christmas! I truly know the feelings of the man who was rescued by The Good Samaritan. We were praying and asked God how to provide Christmas for our boys because we have worked so hard trying to jump start our small business and the last few months were a struggle! That’s when we found out about you!

It took much humility and strength to walk through those doors and ask for help knowing there are so many in need. The days leading up to coming to y’all my boys shared all the things their hearts longed for and I cried wondering how I would give them those things. You’ve helped dry those tears and gave me hope.

Kim Williams

Good Samaritan truly, truly helped us. I cannot express the gratitude in what you have done for my family. So many doors were closed to me and my family and you opened yours. I just can’t put into words how much Good Sam means to me for helping us with Christmas and everything else you did for us.

Katressia Wilson
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