Hi, Joanna here. Just wanted to tell you about one experience I had with one of our clients, “Dwayne.”

I met Dwayne four years ago when he came in for clothing assistance at the Center. He had just been released from prison the week before after serving time for burglary. Dwayne told me that he knew he had done wrong and was ready to travel a different path. He only had the clothing on his back and needed some clothing if he was going to be able to find work. When Dwayne left my office he said, ” You know. You are the first person to be nice to me in years.”

Fast forward to Summer of 2015. It was a hot day and my truck was extra dirty. I ran through a car wash and the attendant was kind and guided me into the wash tunnel. I thought he looked familiar, but thought it must be because I come through for a cleaning time to time. After being buffed and dried, I pulled over to the free vacuum area. The attendant walked over and said my name. What? So, now must know this guy!

It was Dwayne! He told me that he was doing well and had been working at the car wash a few years. He thanked me again for helping him years ago. Just goes to show you that you never know where someone has come from, where they are going and what an act of kindness can do for someone in need.