Veronica – One of my first clients I ever saw at the Good Samaritan Center were Linda and John. Linda and John were living in Franklin County when they lost their home. After a few weeks of being on the streets, they decided to hitchhike to Jackson in hope of better resources and opportunities. They had gotten to Jackson the night before they came to Good Samaritan, and I could see the stress and fatigue in their eyes. We talked at length about the unfortunate events that led to their situation and lack of resources for homeless persons in their small town. Their story really touched my heart. I was sad that I was only able to help with a little food and clothing (besides referring them to some places), but Linda and John expressed their gratitude for helping with those two things, which they could not get in their hometown.

Fast forward six months later, Linda came into the Good Samaritan Center beaming with joy. As I sat and talked to Linda, she told me that her husband found a job in Jackson shortly after visiting Good Samaritan, and they had rented a trailer to live in. Linda and John helped me realize how meaningful helping someone with food and clothing can be, and they reminded me why I love being a Case Manager at the Good Samaritan Center. It is pretty incredible to witness the progression of our clients and be able to celebrate with them.