Amariah – Ms. Debra was one of my first clients I saw on my own. She came in for food and clothing assistance. There was  some miscommunication with DHS and misplaced paperwork, which ended up being six weeks before she received SNAP benefits. I was just thankful that she found Good Sam and we were able to supply her with groceries for those 6 weeks.

My favorite quality about Ms. Debra was that she was so very patient. Not only with DHS, but with me being a new case manager. Let’s just say there is always more to learn! Ms. Debra would talk and talk to me about her soon-to-be grandson and how excited she was to have a baby enter her life.

Flash forward six months and Ms. Debra returned for her “check-in” and clothing assistance, this time with her grandson in tow for me to meet. She just could not stop smiling and talking about how amazing he was. I loved that she let me hold her grandson during our meeting.

Since her last visit, Ms. Debra has been receiving her SNAP benefits that helps her buy nutritious food to supplement her disability check. Looking forward to seeing her again in six months!